Scavenger hunts on the web

The structures of websites lend their structures to puzzles and hunts extremely well. It is possible to daisy-chain pages as well as secure certain areas with passwords, making visitors answer questions or search for answers to access the subsequent chapter within the set.

There are a myriad of inventive ways to hide and reveal clues, prompts as well as the answers. This is an instance where you can make use of your expertise in web design to create a game that is captivating.

Some suggestions for clues:

  • Give a phrase that is based on a puzzle or clue
  • Find a word hidden within your main website or on the website for scavenger hunts
  • Find a hidden element clickable on the page.
  • Draw an outline

  • Decrypt an encryption

Make sure to offer your audience suggestions or solutions in case you truly wish for everyone reach the very end. Scavenger hunts can be used to announce the launch of a new product, reveal the latest video, or even give the audience a tidbit of information.

The marketing Agency ThreeSixtyEight created the game to uncover the location of their headquarters to its employees. It created a spooky atmosphere by playing music and an opacity adjuster around the cursor , which visitors is able to use to show specific areas of the website as they search for clues.